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 Hello again lovelies,

I bring baring fanart for the lovely [ profile] hazysea and her fan-fic (once again) which can be found here: ADORE THE CUTENESS

First we have where the fic left off - Eames coming back with the sheets and just seeing sleeping Arthur being all fond and stuff. Arthur also seems to be falling off the bed and losing his pants :]

Secondly we have Eames cuddling Arthur (whom was changed at some point by Eames, who also forgot about the sheets and just left the mattress bare.) It is also me attempting lighting...I think I did alright and lets just say the door was left open unless someone actually is looking in but anyways I liked the effect so I kept it xD. [ profile] hazysea does this merit a mini-sequel or no? xD Let's also just say I can't draw cuddles x.x though I'll admit it does kinda looks alright and cute-ish.

Also have I said that I hate Arthur's hair? Well if I didn't I have now I mean it is adorable and all but it is a .itch to draw if you know what I mean?

Anyways, expect more fan-art based off whatever [ profile] hazysea writes because I frigging love her fics :]
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