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Warning: Ranting ahead
Will consist of things you may or may not like, read with caution.

Yes there it is in big red letters, maybe I should put it in caps, yes I think I shall do that...RANTING read this with caution. Now you must be wondering, what am I ranting about? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. While a wonderful anime, from what I have seen (I have yet to see every episode as I follow the manga more than the anime) I have taken it upon myself to express my great dislike for the English Voice actors.

Now they do have the originals like Vic [Edward Elric], Travis [Roy Mustang] and Mike [Jean] but they could have found a better person to play Alphonse and the voice over could have a more pleasing voice too...

I have recently watched Rain of Sorrows in the English dub with my younger brother and he and I both wanted to strangle Alphonse. His voice just got on my nerves, it sounded a tad too feminine but maybe because we are so use to hearing Aaron but regardless the voice could have been better, maybe it will as the episodes progress but until then I will resist the urge to kill Alphonse. It will be hard but I will strive forward...Scar's voice was a tad more appealing than the first but then again he didn't really have a speaking part, or I just couldn't remember the voice all that well.

On a positive note I loved Jean Havoc's parts to bits and it just made me giggly. Envy's voice seems a tad more manly than the first anime so that's a plus and Gluttony is just too cute. Armstrong is the only man allowed to sparkle and still look cool. I can't wait till certain parts are dubbed, such as Jean's stabbing (the stabbing was my favourite part in the manga and it looked disappointing in the anime but since it's got Jean in it I will just giggle and move on, the part where he rants is done pretty good so that should make me happier when it's dubbe

I shall put my thoughts on Chapter 108 once the aftermarth has cooled down and is no longer considered a spoiler, so maybe after it airs in the anime? At least a week after then, needless to say the chapter was pleasing and an excellent end to a brilliant manga.
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