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1. Think of up to 20 ships you support. [i did the entire alphabet]
2. List them using descriptions of the characters involved rather than their names.
3. Have your f-list guess as many of the ships as they can.
4. Fandom hints will be given if asked in the comments.
a. The childhood friend and the boy that burned down his house
b. The roman and the witch
c. The roman and the she-wolf
d. The sociopath and the man that will fix it
e. The man that blogs and the man that solves things for fun
f. The bomber, the sociopath and the solider
g. The man that could go anywhere and the man that holds everyone's deepest secrets
h. The man that just wanted his father's love and the one that loved him anyway
i. The white king and the black king
j. The man that lost his memories and the one that tried to help return them
k. The two soldiers trying to forge their own paths
l. The girl that just wanted to be accepted and the boy that promised her many things
m. The one that was red and the one that was blue
n. The deadly demon and the girl that could change
o. The one that can adapt and the one that chose to be alone
p. The one that could fly and the one that spun red
q. The one that could create wind and the one that disappear in a puff of smoke
r. The loyal solider and the one that could create fire
s. The sniper and the one that hated the rain
t. The man always searching for the one and the woman that stab him in the back
u. The man with wacky belts and the bone collector
v. The movie buff and the deadly assassin
w. The man from the past and the man that had everything and nothing
x. The two that could hear every secret - one with a heart of gold, the other with a heart of ice
y. The king of the lab and the bug expert
z. The one that loved to change faces and the one that loved paradoxes

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Writing meme, from [ profile] ilovetakahana

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Applicable fandoms include X-Men: First Class, Inception, Harry Potter, Wanted

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So it's finally here! The day PJ and I post for the Big Bang and damn has it been a fantastic blast! PJ has been a delight to work with and without her I wouldn't have finished a project and does it feel good, of course!

Really, this experience has been amazing, truly. I have made a great friend and I have expanded my skills. I made fire! How cool is that? It has also enhanced my google-fu powers, seriously. Do you realise how difficult it was to find decent screencaps of Mcavoy and Fassy? It was hard. But I pushed forward and produced some of the most amazing work that I have ever done, I don't think will ever not be proud of this. It truly is my favourite project this year. All in all, I am just really proud of PJ and her dedication to this wonderful world that she has created and for giving me constant inspration. Truly she is an amazing person and I am grateful to call her my friend. Just go love her story alright because it is amazing! <3

Without further ado, I would like to dedicate these to PJ, and all the people in real life that had to deal with my flailing, but mostly PJ.  

Graphics for [ profile] ilovetakahana fanfiction, Fire Forged.

Book Cover

Cd Cover



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 I've been wanting to share the icons I've made for some time now, and now I have gotten the chance (even though I know I'll be making more soon enough XD) I am going to share what icons I've made ever since December 2010. All Inception related, various pairings (mostly Eames/someone and Arthur/Eames) and I hope you all enjoy :)

60 Icons - Characters & Pairings (Image Heavy) )

Please credit and comment if you like any of them :) I like to know if anyone enjoys my work :)
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Title: Sometimes one gift makes all the difference
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Eames/Saito
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Five times Saito bought Eames a gift and one time it came from the heart. For the prompt at the kink_meme HERE
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Notes: Thanks to [ profile] hungerpunch and mysterious anon for the beta, any mistakes you see are all mine.


"What's this?" Saito looked up from his newspaper, reading glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. "A gift, Mr. Eames." )
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 Hi! I wanted to practise my comic drawing skills and ended up with two, enjoy.

Click to see the comics (large files) )
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 Hey! I spent the day before yesterday making wallpapers...well the one wallpaper and I have finished it today. The almighty quote wallpaper. All round it took me roughly eight to nine hours to do, but was super fun :DDD So many quotes xD Tell me which one/s are your favourites and that will make me happy :DD If I missed your favourite quote do tell and I'll fix it right up :)

Wallapers galore! )
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Title: DO YOU THINK I'M SOCKSY, YOU SOCKSY THING, I'M TOO SOCKSY, TOO SOCKSY FOR THE DRAWER (also known as Fuzzy Love, Paired Up, Socks Appeal, Rock Your Socks, Sock It On, Sock It To Me, Life Socks, Sock-it Science, Socks Me Up, Socks Pistols, Socking 101, I Want Your Socks, Hot, Hot Socks and Safe Socks. Or just plain old sockfic!) [thanks[ profile] unvarnishedtale and [ profile] persephone_il for helping name this beautiful creature]
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames, Cobb/Mal, (unmentioned: Ariadne/Yusuf, Robert/Saito)
Warnings: Socking (sex) in later chapters, socks as inception characters, heaps of references to other shows/movies, crack-fic, wasn't suppose to be so long, possible brain breakage, fluff, angst
Summary: There are many mysteries in the world. This is a story about one of them. This is the story of a sock named Arthur and his journey into the world of the unknown. I must tell you this story is about discovery and not about love. Instead, it is about discovering that love can indeed be found in all places and that it can happen to anyone and anything, even a sock.
Thanks: [ profile] datingwally , [ profile] persephone_il and [ profile] hungerpunch for listening to my insane ramblings and helping me develop this thing (and catching my mistakes in the wee hours of the morning) I love you guys!


May. 7th, 2011 07:23 pm
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 1. Firstly, thank-you guys for partaking in the Bottom!Eames Fest (which is always open as far as I'm concerned xD) I'll eventually get around to commenting on all the awesome. You guys are just brilliant (who knew so many liked Bottom!Eames). Secondly, I HAVE FINALLY SEEN BRICK <3 Thanks to the lovely [ profile] sparrow_hubris *worships forever* and BRICK was amazing! The acting and the plot was just guh. *loves it forever* Also, [ profile] gollumgollum fic Sand & Stones & Bricks & Rocks [Inception/Brick/Rocknrolla] makes so much more sense then the first time I read it (and honestly my mind read it as The Lookout and not Brick until hours later of reading where my mind went hang on...yes, my mind works strangely sometimes and it was early hours of the morning when I did read it /excuses) So all balance is restored and I will continue to love that fic. Also I'm collecting Stuart: A Life Backwards so I can watch it in the full - only 3 more parts to go :D Thirdly, I will be reccing a lot of fics once I finish my ramblings <3

2. Twitter has corrupted my brain, after not using it for at least a year from getting it I have managed to tweet 727 times in the past month? It got addicting okay? SERIOUSLY. I mean I have met some pretty damn awesome people, such as; [ profile] sparrow_hubris , [ profile] datingwally , [ profile] hungerpunch , [ profile] ohfreckle , [ profile] butterflythread , [ profile] seraphinhunter , [ profile] being_here , [ profile] unvarnishedtale , [ profile] persephone_il , [ profile] chromonym , [ profile] ilovetakahana , [ profile] keelain , [ profile] toujourspret , [ profile] knowmydark , [ profile] we_reflamingos , [ profile] dorkle_07 , [ profile] bauble , [ profile] redhairedflame , [ profile] sheraby  and [ profile] agenttrojie  (so you know, basically my entire friendslist). So, basically on using Twitter I discovered the wonders of GoogleDocs. It is pretty damn awesome, especially when I get chatting with others.
Speaking of which, during one of those lovely GoogleDoc conversations between myself and [ profile] hungerpunch our conversations led to socks and where the missing sock goes and well I got the idea that:

Arthur is the sock that goes missing from Cobb sock and Eames is the sock that was lost a long time ago.

Thus, SOCK!FIC was born and is now at a staggering 3737 words (12 pages) and counting...I fear the finished word count, really I do. IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE A SHORT LITTLE THING and has far too much angst in it for something so fluffy, sure fluff overweighs the angst but still...

It did get a lovely piece of fan-art from [ profile] datingwally which can be found HERE (adore the adorable socks)
Since I love sock!fic so much and want to share it with the world here is the opening paragraph:
Twitter is also just fun. Nuff said.
3. [ profile] ohfreckle  is hosting a love meme HERE and I appreciate all the comments given to me, they really make me smile. I'll get around to commenting on everyone I know eventually and if I miss anyone I'm terribly sorry and I'll make sure to get to the missed person. In short this fandom is just full of love and loving people :D
4. It's come to my attention (aka Twitter brought it forth) that I'm the youngest fan. PROVE ME WRONG! Even if it's a month younger just please let someone be 17 (before October 20th) or 16. I WANT TO BE OLDER THAN SOMEONE FOR ONCE ;___;
5.  It's that time again. You know what that time in which I give you recs! Which I'll do once I find them and post them all in their own post because I have a lot of recs to give :D And it gives me an excuse to y'know search for them :D
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 Hello Darlings,


In conclusion, Eames is a slutty bottom for every male in the fandom and this is your chance to prompt that and fic it and graphics it, draw it and fanvid it and just do everything to it because EVERYONE NEEDS TO APPRECIATE BOTTOM!EAMES because, really, he is a delightful thing.
Arse pics courtesy of google and Bina <33 Mostly from Bina since Bina is a goddess amongst mortals - just saying.
Loves Maddie <3 
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 So. Hello. I have decided to finally post something about my real life - not that it is interesting or anything xD So, here it is:
Click the link, because I have a lot to say ) 
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Yet another prompt filled at the Inception_Kink meme, this time based on this prompt:

Prompt: Hermione meets Eames. She is not impressed, and then she is.

Do whatever you want with that! :D I just thought that Hermione wouldn't be quick to fall to Eames' usual tricks.

Title: Eight Years & A Handful Of Misunderstandings
Word Count: 4,288
Pairing/s: Hermione/Ron, Eames!Forged!Ron/Hermione, onesided Eames/Hermione (I think, maybe, if you squint)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Implied sex.
Summary: For an eight-year old Hermione thought that she was rather intelligent but what she couldn’t understand was why EJE had not left her alone. Usually the bullies had their fun and then left but he hadn’t and this confused her. He was like a fly that wouldn’t go away after you had told it to. No matter what she did he was constantly there, always at her table and when she moved to a different one he would be there the next day. Stupid boy.

In Which Eames Tries And Tries Again To Impress Hermione )
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 I saw that [ profile] thechameleonnn had made a chart on who he shipped in the Inception fandom so I thought 'hey that's a neat idea I'm going to make one too!' so here it is :]

As you can see I love pairing Eames with everyone and I tried to colour code it xD

Though Arthur/Eames (Eames/Arthur) will always be my favourite, Eames/Robert coming a close second.

I also like Satio/Eames/Arthur but didn't add it because I haven't really explored it that much xD and secretly I love Arthur/Eames/Robert in my head anyway. 
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Something I wrote on the [ profile] inception_kink meme for round 15 based on this prompt:
He's always been the strong one...
...Now what?

Title: Still think you can save me?
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Characters: Arthur, Eames, Satio and a bunch of Nameless OCs.
Warnings: Non-con, torture, mindfuckery
Rating: PG-16? (I'm not sure what to rate this)
Word Count: 1275
Summary: Arthur wishes he had the power to turn back the clock if only to stop what had already happened.
Note: Thank-you [ profile] hazysea for giving such wonderful feedback :)

Read more... )
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 Hello again lovelies,

I bring baring fanart for the lovely [ profile] hazysea and her fan-fic (once again) which can be found here: ADORE THE CUTENESS

Under Here Lies More Drunken Arthur )
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 Hello lovelies,

I bring baring fanart for the lovely [ profile] hazysea and her fan-fic which can be found here: ADORE THE CUTENESS

(sadly you can see it if you aren't eighteen, though at the time I had been able to and I am so glad I did. I just don't know why there is the age restriction now it is quite sad because it is a beautiful fic, and only PG-13, it's all domesticity and fluffy and just adorable).

Scratch that you can now see it even if you aren't eighteen which is just awesome <3

Anyway, here it is under the cut since it is a pretty big file (wallpaper size so even better yea?)

Under Here Lies Drunken Arthur )
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01. Introduction03. Light04. Dark14. Smile
Please do not hotlink.
Please credit and comment if taking.

Textures: [info]77words
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Word Count: 2690 WORK IN PROGRESS
Summary: Eames hated California, Los Angeles with a fury. If he had his way he would be in the first plane back to London, Brighton. Sadly he didn't and he was stuck in LA of all places for six long months. Though he supposed the company wasn't that bad he had his best mate Yusuf and gal pal Ariadne and then there was Arthur, cool and collected Arthur. Then there were the mysterious letters that kept on showing up in his locker, backpack and letterbox. His secret admirer was a mystery. A mystery that Yusuf and Ariadne were going to help him solve.

In which the gamble begins )
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Warning: Ranting ahead
Will consist of things you may or may not like, read with caution.

Yes there it is in big red letters, maybe I should put it in caps, yes I think I shall do that...RANTING read this with caution. Now you must be wondering, what am I ranting about? Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. While a wonderful anime, from what I have seen (I have yet to see every episode as I follow the manga more than the anime) I have taken it upon myself to express my great dislike for the English Voice actors.

Move forward if you wish to read the rant... )


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